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Rapid Rhythms Swing Dance Community, LLC

Rapid Rhythms Swing Dance Community, LLC was founded in June of 2017. I accepted an internship with the group in May 2017, a few months before its official formation, and am now one of seven official co-owners. My main duties consist of creating, building, and maintaining the company brand as well as ensuring the business is functioning under correct legal processes. I have designed our logo, website, and all marketing materials such as cover photos, flyers, posters, and business cards. 

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In our final years at Ferris State University, we are required to create a Capstone, or a final project that demonstrates all of the skills that we have learned throughout our academic career. My capstone is an art bible and an animatic for a mixed media short film titled "Epsilon."

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Additional 2D Art and Illustrations

An assortment of other pieces I have made both for both academic and personal projects.

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  • Mosaic Film Experience & Ferris State collaboration - "The Struggle" , November 2017
  • Animated excerpt from The Track Podcast - "028 - Norma Miller" , Fall 2017


  • 4th Annual Rapid Rhythms Competition Night - Novice and Open Partner Draw, April 2018